Recommends tests that I feel are not needed. Waived copayment for at least one patient (highly against law), staff VERY rude, answers personal phone calls during office visit.

Performed several hundred dollars worth of tests to diagnose me and then refused to treat me because I would not pay a seperate visit to see him on the same day as the diognostic tests were being done (even though insur. company said it was ok) while keeping in mind he was making money on the tests.

I feel he puts financial gain before your health. By far the worst doctor that I have seen

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Dr. Goldman does put financial gain before a patient's needs.

He charges $300.00 for a patients first visit. Bills a patient for tests that is not required and does not discuss with patient before hand. When a doctor has a contract with an insurance company they are blinded by their rates, not adding additional costs.

An insurance company can bill a patient for not meeting deductible. He seems to get away with this but I will not pay $565.00 for tests I did not ask for.

to Anonymous Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #1252423

Call me ***, but doesn't the doctor recommend the tests he feels are necessary to diagnose your complaints? It seems you put more emphasis on money than the doctor.

It might be best for you to diagnose and treat your complaints since you seem to know what tests are necessary for diagnosis.

Why take up the doctor's valuable time? I would be willing to bet however, that you and your tort attorney would be first in line to sue should there be a missed diagnosis.


And yes they do make money off all these tests, most of which r not needed. I know a physician and he told me to get away from this guy


His office tele number has been disconnected! I was waiting for that


I do agree! All he wants to do is do blood tests because he makes a fortune on the testing.

No personality, short and acts like all he wants is your money, he could care less about the patient! He's awful

Coral Springs, Florida, United States #755739

Dr. Goldman is the best.

He literally saved my life twice while in the hospital. He orders lots of tests due to the sue happy country we live in and malpractice suits. It is called cover you ***. I have always found him thorough and caring.

He has always taken time with me and works well with my other doctors.

I trust him with my life. David Bonner.


Dr. Goldman is a smart man.

He has saved many lives by his thorough patient exams and personalized medicine!

You should stop playing Doctor! And by the way he does not make money off of performing diagnostic tests!


My son, 22 years old, went to Dr. Goldman for a well check up.

The visit was at my suggestion as he was covered by insurance for a well check and because he needed to get acquainted with an "adult" doctor as he had outgrown his pediatrician. Dr. Goldman did not give my son a physical exam (he never touched him). But he ran an incredible number of tests.

My son asked the doctor how much it would cost and the doctor said "don't worry; it will be covered by your insurance". When the tests were not covered by insurance, I contacted the insurance company and was told that the visit was coded as a sick visit. I called Dr. Goldman's office to advise them of the error and to request that they recode the bill.

They refused and hung up on me 3 times. I asked to speak with Dr. Goldman and they would not put me through. The insurance company is pursuing this with Dr.

Goldman but they too are unable to get Dr. Goldman to respond. And we are still responsible for the bills as Dr. Goldman submitted the bill to collections three weeks after he sent us the bill.

Several friends of mine have had similar experiences with Dr. Goldman. A specialist that we know had recommended Dr. Goldman to us a few years ago.

The specialist has since told us that he has received so many complaints about Dr. Goldman, he stopped referring patients to him long ago.

This doctor should not be practicing medicine. He is a disgrace to his profession.

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